Clinical Page is a web based platform for the clinical community in global where they can create their professional clinical web pages, connect with members, share clinical insights, organize personal knowledge repository, create research interest groups, and access various learning modules for continuous professional development.

For Healthcare Professionals

Clinical page offers a comprehensive marketing and social platform to individual healthcare professionals where they can create their web presence, connect with clinical community and access various learning modules. Clinical page is an integrated Continuous professional development (CPD) platform to access and manage all professional activities through single sign on platform, saving time and money to busy healthcare professionals.

For healthcare organizations

Clinical page provides a clinical social networking platform, where organizations such as hospitals, universities, and other organizations can access clinical community to recruit professionals, conduct market research, implement marketing campaigns, deliver communications and target focused professionals. Organizations can promote and enhance their business marketing and reputation through engaging doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals with web marketing strategy.

For Pharmaceutical companies

Clinical page is an excellent web based integrated platform for the pharmaceutical industry for target audience marketing, drug detailing, drug related meetings invitations, product launching, branding, product surveys, and job postings.